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Dear Food Diary, New Orleans

Belle's Diner

Belle’s Diner was a pleasant surprise on our trip. One day my daughter and I were exploring the French Quarter on our own and had walked over 4 miles. We were parched and in desperate need of some sweet AC.

We had made it down to the end of the French Quarter and ducked into this little diner tucked in the side of Decatur Street. The air was so cold and the drinks were sweet. We sat and cooled off, enjoying some adult beverages.

The longer we sat and watched the HUGE plates of food come out, the hungrier we got. We asked for a menu and the rest is history.

Belle’s is walking into a 50’s inspired soda shop. The staff was SUPER nice and friendly and bent over backward for us. And the food…so good. Although Belle’s was not on the list of New Orleans restaurants my friends had recommended, it was one of my favorite stops on the trip. I will be coming back and highly recommend it. It is harder to find than some places, but worth a look.